How Can You Grow Aquaponics Tomatoes

grow aquaponics tomatoesThe trend toward aquaponics has become very popular in the last few years. More and more people are turning to gardening to help trim their grocery budgets. Many vegetables lend themselves very nicely to aquaponics. Tomatoes are one example of how aquaponics work. Let's take a look at this style of growing tomatoes in a backyard aquaponics system.

To start with, many wonder, "What is aquaponics?" Aquaponics is the way you utilize marine life for growing, if this sounds fishy to you, it's because it is. Simply put, you'll be using fish to grow your plants. It works perfectly together as the fish fertilize the plants and give them an ideal medium from which to grow, and the plants help feed the fish.

Your fish tank is full of nutrient rich water that is transported via tubes to and from your growing container. The fish water is ideal for growing your tomatoes in. There are a variety of tank sizes available and once you learn the 5 basic principles for growing vegetables via aquaponics, you can grow many great vegetables for your dinner table.

1. You'll have to learn to monitor the pH levels of your water to make sure it remains between 6.8 and 5.8 at all times. You'll need a pH stabilizer that is safe for the fish and adjust it as required. There are many available in garden stores that carry aquaponic supplies.

2. You'll learn how to remove dust and other particulates which can have a negative effect on the pH levels of the water. You'll learn how to rinse out your growing container and fill it with the right medium to just about one third capacity.

3. After gently rinsing your tomato seedlings to remove soil you can carefully plant your seedlings by gently spreading the roots out. Then, gently cover them and ensure that your plants are secure and standing upright by covering them with about two inches of the stem in the medium you've selected.

4. Always control the algae build up. Add in some red wiggler worms to help ensure the nutrients your plants will require.

5. Carefully monitor your plants for aphids. Aphids are tiny bugs that will eat your plants. Aphids closely resemble lice. A vinegar solution that is equal parts of water and vinegar will help to keep them at bay. Be sure to check your pH levels after using this solution as they may change it.

Now that you know how to use aquaponics, you are ready to begin. Are you ready to try some delicious tomatoes grown this way? Using this method, you'll be enjoying tomatoes before you know it. All you require is a pH stabilizer, pH test kit, growing medium and some tomato seedlings. Don't forget to make up the vinegar solution to stop aphids in their tracks.

Now that you know how easy and fun it can be you can get started on your aquaponics tomato growing project. With a few ingredients, close monitoring and the assistance of a few fish, you'll be well on your way to becoming a successful aquaponics gardener. Come to the table and enjoy fresh home grown tomatoes.