Garden Sheds

The one thing all gardeners love is great tools. Whether it is hand tools, power equipment, lawn equipment, or potting equipment, there is a need to store equipment and tools (not in the garage either).
What is needed is a really neat garden shed! Garden sheds come in a different price ranges, many different sizes, and styles. Wood, vinyl and metal are the materials used in shed construction. The floors can be wood, poured concrete, made with a pre-fabrication floor kit, or just the bare ground.
The first thing to decide before purchasing a garden shed is how big should it be? Secondly, what will be put in the shed? Do not forget to include the lawn chairs and different seasonal items are to be stored during the winter months. 
Make a list of all the things you might want to store in the shed. With this list in mind, search for a garden shed that is large enough for what you want to store. I have never heard gardeners say that they have too much to storage, but people all the time tell me they should have purchased or built a larger shed. Remember bigger is better!
Another important thing to think about is where you plan to locate the shed. For a successful installation you need a firm, level piece of ground that standing water does not collect.
A lot of people place their shed the farthest point away from the house to hide the unsightly storage shed. But today they are very attractive sheds that are functional and sturdy. You can even build one or have one built that matches the style of you house, barn, or cottage. You should place the shed in a place the make it easy for accessing the equipment and tools.
To improve the look, add a few windows and shutters to make it more attractive. A lot of people toady even landscape around the shed and build a walking path to the front door.
The path is good for keeping your feet dry and avoid creating a rut in the ground.
Inside you may want to add a potting bench and a grinder for sharpening the tools.
Run power to the shed for power tools, lights, a fan, radio, television, and a small refrigerator.
Install a sink and water faucet for washing your hands, mixing chemical, fertilizer. Hands do get dirty. 
Garden sheds are becoming more and more popular these days for storing gardening equipment and tools. They also make a great place to get away from whatever is going on in the house.